The Journal of the Lawrence County

(Tennessee) Genealogical Society

Vol. 8 No. 1 Fall 2004

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From the Editor

There have not been any "First Families of Lawrence County" sent or brought in for certificates so far this year. The society web site at has application and documentation requirements. All the necessary information to participate will be found there. We would like for you to submit family articles, photos, tall tales about your family, or other information that may be of interest that could be published in the journal.

Sons of Confederate Veterans – Col. George H. Nixon Camp No. 214

The Col. George H. Nixon Camp No. 214, the Lawrence County Chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, is still accepting submissions for its Confederate History book of Lawrence County. Biographical sketches and brief genealogical references will be included for any Confederate veteran which was from Lawrence County. Their website is

Descendants of Henry Johnson by Muriel Barnett

Henry Johnson was born 20 March 1778 in South Carolina, and died 8 December 1838 in Lawrence County, Tennessee. He married Miriam before 1800 probably in Union County, SC. She died 22 August 1860 in Lawrence County, Tennessee. The heirs of Henry Johnson received a land grant for his service in the War of 1812. Henry and Miriam Johnson had nine children: Julia Ann, Rebecca, Elizabeth, John, William, Aaron, Henry, Christian Johnson born Jan. 17, 1806 SC, died Oct. 4, 1858 and Kasiah Johnson, born about 1823, Tennessee. The article continues through Generation No. 2 and their descendants.

Minutes, Lawrence County Genealogical Society Board Meeting – Saturday, June 26, 2004 by Josephine Pickard

Meeting began at 1:30 P.M. with the following members present, Wallace Palmore, Lila Gobbell, Rick Fleeman, Mary Todd, and Josephine Pickard. Balance of $13, 266.53 in treasury. There was discussion of several topics. A recommendation that the society present Kathy with a check in the amount of $200 to purchase three county history books for the Archives: 1.) Perry County History Families – Vol. I, 2.) Bedford County Families History and 3.) Lincoln County Family Histories.

Minutes, Lawrence County Genealogical Society Meeting – Saturday, June 26, 2004

The meeting was called to order by President Wallace Palmore. Old and New business was taken care of. Wally Moore presented a very interesting "Show and Tell". He showed a video of pictures when he was age 5 and growing up on Pulaski Street, showing old homes in the background that have been torn down or currently have been turned into offices. Jason Goodrich with the local chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, presented a very interesting program on the life of Col. George H. Nixon.

Thanks to Muriel Barnett, James Earl Martin, and Donna Niedergeses for their article submissions for this issue of the Journal, also to those of you who have made past submissions.

Mystery Families and Photographs

Top photo – Horse and buggy in front of a waterfall with gentleman holding the reins. Bottom photo – Little girl holding her baby doll, might be in the Seagrove family.

Lawrence County Court Clerk Wills – January 1829 to October 1847 (continued from Vol. 7 No. 4) abstracted by Wallace Palmore

November Term 1844 through January Term 1845

John Nelson, Estate Inventory; William W. Evans, Estate Inventory; Henry Powell, Will; Judith McCabe, Guardian Settlement; Kinchen C. Williams, Administrator Settlement; John Nelson, Sale Bill; James C. Tays, Widow’s Year Sustenance; James C. Tays, Estate Inventory; James C. Tays, Estate Sale; William W. Evans, Estate Sale Bill; Henry Powel, Estate Inventory. (To be continued in the Winter 2004 issue of the Journal)

The Book Nook reviews by Kathy Niedergeses

Obituaries of Lawrence County, TN 1960-1964, by Nancy Lanning Crowder; This is the latest in a series of obituary books compiled by Mrs. Crowder. The obituaries are listed in the book in date order. This book can be purchased by contacting the Lawrence County Archives or visit the Archives web site at and click on books for sale to view all the books available on Lawrence County history, research and families.

Descendants of William Parkes, County of Salop, England, by Sid and Carol Parkes James; 2004. The book begins with William Parkes who married Elizabeth Griffin, She was born in Wales. The book traces William and Elizabeth’s children and their descendants. Their son William Parkes emigrated to America in 1823 and on to Lawrence County, TN. Many descendants still reside in Lawrence County, TN.

Descendants of John D. Davidson, Rowan County, North Carolina, by Sid and Carol Parkes James; 2004. John D. Davidson, born 1744 in Rowan Co., NC served in Rev. War. He married Frances Bateman and they resided in Maury Co., TN. Some of the names, descendants married into, are: Martin, Neelley, Byrant, Grisham, Moore, and Parkes.

Diary of Blanche Gallaher Olive transcribed by Donna Niedergeses

Marriages have been extracted from Mrs. Olive’s diaries. Some probably were from memory as there is one for 1899 and a few for the 1920’s and 1930’s. The majority of these are for the 1940’s.

Listed are 72 entries such as #25, June 20, 1944 – Had a letter from mother today saying Stella married Dudley Harrison last July and had a little red haired boy May 18. #64 – Lytle White married his second wife in Florence Sunday, February 23, 1947. He is a Christian preacher and one of the best men (from a child) I ever knew. Made a mess of his first marriage, has lost his father and mother the past few years, is alone and in bad health, sure hope the good Lord is pleased with his second marriage. #69 – Carnell Gallaher and Geneva Moore married May 11, 1947.

Reunions by Jim Crowder, Editor

We would be very glad to announce your family reunions if you will let us know when and where they are happening.

Three Ladies From Lawrence County – Part I by James Earl Martin

These three ladies had married into the Martin family, but had no actual identity. In 1913, Judge Whitfield McConnell wrote a history of several families from whom he was descended. The author became interested in finding more about first, Elizabeth Findley Martin, the wife of James Martin, and his great-great-great grandmother and one of the Judge's in-laws. The author also had some idea that this couple had lived in Lawrence County, TN as several of their children married in that county. He and a cousin set out to see what they could find on Elizabeth. Their journey took them through middle TN, first stop, Lewisburg in Marshall County, then on to Giles County. From there they journeyed to the Archives in Lawrence County, TN. Besides Elizabeth, the other two women were Winifred Pierce, the wife of John Bunyan Martin, and Emaline McLean, the wife of John Carson Martin, and the daughter-in-law of Winnie Pierce. Winifred Pierce Martin was the author’s great-great grandmother, and Emaline McLean Martin was his great-grandmother. Winnie Pierce is Elizabeth’s Findley Martin’s daughter-in-law. After finding the original marriage license for John Bunyan and Winnie Pierce Martin at the Lawrence County Archives, they found a copy of the McLean family history that had Elizabeth Emaline McLean’s history back to 1545 in Scotland. The author and his cousin were able to visit the gravesite of Samuel and Elizabeth Irvine McLean and of Samuel and Elizabeth Wasson McLean at the McLean Cemetery. These were the great-great-grandparents and great-great-great grandparents of the author and his cousin. The Archives was also able to furnish lineage on Elizabeth Irvine back to the 16th century. Going on to Decatur County, they were able to visit the graves of several other relatives. More recently, the author has obtained more information on Wineford Pearce Martin, wife of John Martin. There is an APPENDIX 1 Descendants of Samuel David McLean – Generation No. 1. (To be continued in the Winter 2004 issue of the Journal)

Old Bible Records of Lawrence County by Kathy Niedergeses and Donna Niedergeses

McCracken Family Bible Records: Birth – James McCracken in the year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred & fifty four Dec.. 14th. Mary McCracken his wife was born March 8th 1758. James McCracken & Mary was married 22nd Jany 1779. [latest entry] Robert S. McCracken died August the 28th 1832.

Shelton Family Bible Records: Allen D. Shelton born Feb 12th 1865. A. D. Shelton and Mandia E. Leakey was married May the 28, 1911 by H. L. Bryant Justice of piece. Witness: J. U. Davis, Carl Matlock. Allen D. Shelton and Eliza A. Grimes was married Jan 28th 1883. (last entry) A. D. Shelton father of this family died January 6th 1946 age 80 yr 10 mos 25 days.

Welch Family Bible Records: Grandparents - William Welch born about 1758 in South Carolina and died about 1838 in Wayne Co Tenn. Elizabeth Hembery [no dates] Thomas Archer born 1783 and died 1864 in Lawrence Co Tenn. Nancy Harrison born about 1780 in Virginia and died 1865 in Lawrence Co Tenn. Grandparents – Andrew McMackin born 1776 in North Car. And died 1853 in Lawrence Co. Mary Johnston born 1774 in North Car. And died 1850 in Maury Co., Wm Pillow born about 1740 in Virginia and died 1820 in Maury Co. Millie Duriro??? Born about 1740 in Virginia and died 1820 in Maury Co. [there are also parents and children] (To be continued in the Winter 2004 issue of the Journal)

Migrations To And From Lawrence County During The 1880’s by Donna Niedergeses

The following are tidbits found in old newspaper’s from the 1880’s that tell when someone migrated to or from Lawrence County during this time period. If you would like a copy of the actual newspaper page from microfilm, you may contact the Lawrence County Archives. [Some examples] Joseph Stutts and family came here last week from Perry County, Ohio to make their home among us if they like our country. The Press – Wednesday, January 3, 1883. J. McVicker and W. A. Young of Danville, Ills., have bought land in Lawrence County. The Press, Wednesday, October 17, 1883. H. B. Talbert of Missouri, was here last week on a prospecting tour. If pleased he will probably locate among us. The Press - Wednesday, November 14, 1883. [There are about five and a half pages of excerpts from The Press, the local newspaper during this time period.]

Hendrix and South Reunion – Saturday, October 9, 2004 by Jo K. Combs

The 3rd Annual HENDRIX & SOUTH reunion and genealogy day will be Saturday, October 9, 2004 at the restaurant at the David Crockett State Part in Lawrenceburg.

Queries compiled by Kathy Niedergeses

Hicks/Stephenson – looking for information on the old Crane Hotel in Summertown, Tennessee. Contact Thomas V. Lee, 38094 Morrisonville, Rd., Lovettsville, VA 20180-2916

Williamson – William Warner Williamson b. 1818 d. in Lawrence County, TN 1904. Contact James F. Thomas, 1506 Carowinds Circle, Maryville, TN 37803

About Our Front Cover compiled by Kathy Niedergeses

This view of the courthouse was probably taken between 1902 and 1904. This courthouse was torn down and a new one was built in 1905. The first building on the northeast (left) corner of the square is the First National Bank, which was built in 1902 and still stands today.

LCGS Membership Update compiled by Kathy Niedergeses and Donna Niedergeses

There are three new members, Beverly Hicks Burch, researching McGee, McMahan, Ogle, Shaffer. Ruth Derrington researching Copeland and Dickey. Candy Jones researching Harris, Pollock, Jennings and others. There are also a number of changes in addresses and e-mail addresses.

Index Volume 8, Number 1, (Fall, 2004)