The Journal of the Lawrence County

(Tennessee) Genealogical Society

Vol. 8 No. 4     Summer 2005

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compiled by Lila McGee Gobbell


From the Editor

We have been running a series about the County Farm in Lawrence County. Due to a number of circumstances, Kathy has not been able to work on the installment for this issue of your journal. We plan to pickup this continuing article in the Fall 2005 issue. Several pictures from Mrs. Jim Hortense Spence has been make available through Mrs. Druscilla Truitt Beuerlein to the Archives. The editor plans to feature some of these pictures, that do not have a name on them, in future issues of the Journal under "Mystery Families and Photographs". The county is considering changing the archives from dial up to DSL through another provider. If, and when, it happens, we will be sure to advertise it through the mail list, on the web site, and in the issue of the journal following the change. Kathy had to undergo detached retina surgery. She will be under the weather for some time.

Lawrence County Court Clerk Wills - January 1829 to October 1847 (continued from Spring 2005) abstracted by Wallace Palmore

July Term 1845 – October Term 1845

George Kidd, Administrator and Administratrix Settlement; Robert F. Walker, Administrator Settlement; Simon Higgs, Estate Inventory; C. J. Bailey, Guardian Settlement; Nathaniel Christian, Guardian Settlement; Edward N. Lindsey, Last will and Testament; Elizabeth A. J. Gibbins, Guardian Settlement; James Martin, Guardian Settlement; Drury Basham, Guardian Settlement; John Ramsey, Executor Settlement; John Ramsey, Insolvent and Uncollected Claims Report. (To be continued in the Fall 2005 issue of the Journal)

My Whitehead (Whitted) and Weaver Families of Middle Tennessee by David Whitehead

Thomas Whitted Esquire, of Orange County, North Carolina, was born about 1750 and died 5 August 1820, in Orange County. Mary or Ruth may have been the name of the mother of his children. The estate records list the following children: Robert Whitehead, John, Joseph, Elanor Whitted Gappins, Mary Whitted Pleasants, William Whitted and Thomas Whitted, Jr. The author is descended through Thomas Whitted, Jr. who married Peggy Lashley 14 December 1807. They had at least 15 children. Their son, Jehu or John Whitted (Whitehead) was the author’s great-grandfather. He lists each of their children with birth and death dates, also other children of Thomas Whitted, Jr. in addition to Jehu Whitted. The author’s maternal great-great grandparents were Arthur and Sarah Price Weaver, who migrated with Jehu and other families from Orange County, NC. They lived in Lawrence County until their deaths in 1859. Additional families of local interest, who intermarried with the early Whiteheads and Weavers were Williams, Burlison, Graham, Goode, Jackson, Hartwick, Boshears and others.

LCGS Membership update compiled by Kathy Niedergeses and Donna Niedergeses

New members: Jimmy and Irene Dugger researching Rawdon; Richard B. Neal and Guy M. Norton, also several changes in addresses and e-mail addresses.

Obituaries and Death Announcements From Local Newspapers – Part III (continued from Spring 2005) compiled by Donna Niedergeses

This is a continuation of a sequence of articles containing transcribed obituaries and death announcements found mostly in newspapers in Lawrence County, TN.

Mrs. E. A. Finch, wife of Maj. Jas. R. Finch, and daughter of the late Henry and Judith S. Hart.

Mrs. Louisa R. Finch, daughter of Mr. J. Huggins, wife of J. R. Finch

Miss Margaret L. Finch died at the residence of her nephew, Wm. H. Timmons, in Madison Co., Ala.

Dr. J. M. Franklin drowned on the 8th while attempting to cross Shoal Creek at the Wayland Springs ford.

Wilhelmina Margaret, infant daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Conrad Frietch, Jr.

Joseph, infant son of Mr. And Mrs. J. W. Garrett.

Rev. A. M. Gillispie, husband of Sarah McLean

Mrs. Susan Gillespie, wife of James H. Gillespie

Rev. David S. Goodloe, married Miss Annie L. Winter

Miss Mollie E. Goodloe, youngest daughter of Henry and Ellen Goodloe

Robert A. Goodloe

R. J. Grimes

Hiram Hale

H. P. Harvey

Mrs. Martha Harvey, wife of Holcomb Harvey

Wesley Henson

Emma Lee Herbert, adopted daughter of Dr. S. B. and Martha Herbert.

Blanchie, daughter of James L. and Mary Herrin, aged two years, one month and sixteen days

Charles Joel Herrin, married three times, the children are listed with each wife.

William Hill, died at the residence of his son-in-law, J. T. Hail of the 10th District.

(To be continued in the Fall 2005 issue of the Journal)

Response to the Obituaries – Death Notices Series by Lina J. Owens Boyd

Dear Kathy, I thought I would send some information concerning the two obituaries about Mrs. Ida Ewing in the Spring 2005 Heritage pgs. 94-95. Ida was the oldest child of Dr. Maximillian Haynie Buchanan, born Aug. 2, 1846 in Lawrenceburg, TN, died March 2, 1910 in Pope County, AR. His wife was Sarah Elizabeth McAnally, born Sept. 26, 1846 in Lawrence County, Tennessee, died Jan. 25, 1920 in Pope County, AR. Ida married H. L. Ewing on Sept. 27, 1885 in Pope County AR. They had two children, Mildred, mentioned in the obituaries and an infant who was born and died in 1889.[included in the article is a photograph of the M. H. Buchanan Family and A photo of a grown Mildred Ewing, also a photo of Haynie and his wife Lula May Eudy Buchanan, a brother of Ida Ewing.]

Mystery Families and Photographs

Top: The first is of a middle aged gentleman in a suit and tie, the second photo is of a young boy with T. Irby, Photographer, Alvord, Texas on front. Bottom: A young man with a small girl – inscription on back reads "Compliments of Ross and Roy, Taken Dec. 20th. 1898", the second photo is of a very young child with no markings.

Mexican War 1846-1848 Soldiers Discharge Papers by Donna Niedergeses

The following discharge papers for soldiers who served in the Mexican War were found in Deed Book I. The information included in the papers are the soldier’s name, where they were born, age, height, complexion, hair and eye color, former occupation, when he was mustered in, rank, how long they served. All were discharged because of disability (probably from service).

William H. Kirksey, when enlisted – a mechanic; Jas Y. Lucas; Wm P. A. Hail, when enlisted – a Doctor; Albert G. Billingsley, when enlisted – a farmer; Daniel A. Goff, by profession – a farmer;

Isaack W. Curtis, by occupation – a black Smith; A. A. Turnbou, by occupation – a mechanic; William W. Wilbanks, when enlisted – a farmer; A. G. Curtis, by occupation – a farmer. ( I James Y Lucas Register of said county do certify that the above is a true copy of the original given under my hand this 21 Sept 1847 ) – Lawrence County Tennessee Deed Book I, page 152

Home Guard of Minute Men compiled by Kathy and Donna Niedergeses

Lawrence County Court Minute Book 1858-1865, June 1861, pgs. 413-414

A majority of the Justices of the Peace within and for said county being present. It is ordered by the court that the following named persons be appointed a home Guard of minute men whose terms of service shall be three months to wit:

District #1-#15 with twelve to fifteen minute men appointed in each district. Commander in chief of the home Gard, William Dearing was duly elected.

Lawrence County Court Minute Book 1858-1865, October 1861 Term, p. 431

District #4-#7,#10,#11,#13 [example: William Linam

Lawrence County Court Minute Book 1858-1865, December 1861 Term, p. 440-441

District #2-#8,#10-#13 [example: J. M. Pennington

Lawrence County Court Minute Book 1858-1865, December, 1861, p. 442

District #9-#12, #14,#1,#15 [example: Thomas Blair

Queries by Kathy Niedergeses

Payne/Huges/Waters/Walters – contact Randall Hughes at 3 Silverton Dr., Summertown,TN 38483

Seaton/Burch/Bell – contact Bettye Liberty, 39 North Summer Street, 3rd Floor, Adams, MA 01220

Smith Family And Other Relatives by Barbara Welch Stevenson

Smith Family genealogy by Glenda Cleo Flatt Franklin, Heritage Vol. 7, No. 2, Winter 2003. My line starts the same as hers and continues on in a different line of relatives starting with No. 7, James Benjamin Smith, on pg. 75 of the Winter 2003 issue. James Benjamin Smith b. 1790 in VA, died March 30, 1873 in Lawrence Co., TN > Lewis Henry Smith b. Feb 24, 1820, m. Courtney Margaret Chapman > James Benjamin Smith b. Sept. 1, 1858 d. April 26, 1934, m. Sarah Caroline (Carrie) Lumpkins Oct. 12, 1879 in Lawrence County, TN. This couple is buried in the Cedar Hill Cemetery, Pleasant Point, Lawrence County, TN. (The author and her husband bought and placed a headstone for their graves in 1995). Ben and Carrie had three daughters, Maggie died at nineteen, Mary Lavirgie who married Ferdinand A. Welch, and Nora who married Leonard Pennington. Since the author descended through Ferd and Virgie Welch, she includes some of her Welch heritage. [The author intends to pick up where she left off with her Welches and continue with a future article for the Journal].

The Book Nook – Reviews by Kathy Niedergeses

Obituaries of Lawrence County, TN 1930-1939, 2005 and Obituaries of Lawrence County, TN 1920-1929, 2005, by Nancy Lanning Crowder. These are the latest in the series of obituary books compiled by Mrs. Crowder. These books may be purchased by contacting the Lawrence County Archives, 218 N. Military Ave., Suite B-1, Lawrenceburg, TN 38464 (The next installment will hopefully be ready in late fall or early winter).

About Our Front Cover McDougal Home – Fain Court – November 1901 by Jim Crowder

From an article by Viola Hagan Carpenter entitled This Old House, which was written for the Lawrence County Historical Society. This two-story colonial house was built by William Simonton for Thomas Ramsey and his bride-to-be, however the romance ended and the house passed on to others. Through the years many prominent Lawrenceburgians owned, or lived in the Simonton house. There were twelve spacious rooms in the house with high ceiling, large fireplaces, magnificently carved mantles, and gleaming mirrors. This house burned on March 3, 1964.

Minutes to Lawrence County Genealogical Society Meeting – Saturday, March 19, 2005 by Mary Todd

The meeting was called to order by President Wallace Palmore. Treasury Report by Ricky Fleeman: There is a balance of $6,195.00 in checking. Our speaker was Kevin Matthews who spoke on the different sources available for researching military records.

Minutes to Lawrence County Genealogical Society Board Meeting, Saturday, March 19, 2005 by Mary Todd

The board meeting was called to order by chairperson Kathy Niedergeses and a short meeting was conducted due to the limited space. The family history fair was discussed and committees was formed.

*The society cancelled the Family History Fair scheduled for June due to lack of interest. Hopefully there will be a fair next year.

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