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From the Editor:


You all are great to help by providing some of the articles we use.  Thanks to all of you who renewed your membership in the society. Perhaps you can come and see us. We want to extend an invitation for you to make it to one of our quarterly meetings.  Correction:  On page 10 of the Fall 2005 (Vol. 9, No. 1) issue of the journal, Guy Norton corrected us in the identification of one of the teachers. Alvie Sanders should have been Alma Sanders. She was Guy Norton’s aunt and was christened Willie Alma Sanders. Contact Jim


Minutes to Lawrence County Genealogical Society Board and Regular Meeting

Saturday, September 17, 2005   Jason Goodrich


The LCGS meeting was called to order by President Wallace Palmore. Treasurer’s report was given and since the Family History Fair was cancelled, there were no minutes to be read. No old business was discussed. In new business, several motions were  passed and two new members were elected to the Board of Directors – Mary Nell Franks and Travis Henderson.  Michael Gavin presented a extremely well-executed and informative program on the evolution of log cabins in Middle Tennessee. The following officers were elected for a period of one year from among the members of the Board of Directors: 

Chairperson: Lila Gobbell; President: Wallace Palmore; Vice President: Jason Goodrich; Secretary:  Mary Nell Franks; Treasurer:  Ricky Fleeman.


Burris – Part II – Conclusion (continued from Fall 2005)  compiled by Dorris D. Hendrickson

Submitted by Leona M. Milbourn


William Carroll Burris was born ca 1813 and married in 1836 to Adelia H. Wiggs in TN and had seven children listed in the 1850 Butler County, MO census. William married a second time, and since the date of Adelia’s death and the second marriage is unknown, there is  a problem in crediting the children to the proper mother. William died in 1866.  Children of William and Adelia Wiggs Burris are listed with a photograph of James Franklin Burris and his wife Mary Jane Franklin.  Marriage (2) was to Melvina Osburn in ca 1859. It appears they had three children. There seems to be a total of 12 children with both wives.  They are listed with birth dates, death dates, and issue:  1) Franklin Marion Burress b. July 1827, married (1)Charlotte Osburn and (2) Martha Elizabeth Jobe Ennis; 2) James Littleton Burris married Adeline Ashmore; 3) Richard B. Burris married Sally Rogers; 4) Jonathan; 5) Lucinda; 7) Nancy; and 8) Matilda Burris married Rial J. Roberts.


About Our Front Cover  -  The May Hosiery Mill  by Kathy Niedergeses


The May Hosiery Mill in Lawrenceburg, TN was opened by Jacob May (1846-1946), a German-born Jew who came to America in 1879.  Mr. May established the May Hosiery Mill in Nashville before he opened his Mill in Lawrenceburg in 1913.  The principal inducement for the factory coming to Lawrenceburg was to get more satisfactory employees from the local people. Girls employed in the mill made anywhere from $4 to  $10 a week. Shortly, the factory was a great success. The mill employed 30 young ladies and was hiring. Work began on a permanent location for this industry. The building was 44 feet by 164 feet. It had sky lights, many windows and very up-to-date. By July, 1913 the Mill was completed and was to employee 200 hands.  In 1918, the May Hosiery Mill began to knit socks for the soldiers.  By December 1920, May Hosiery Mill had to close its doors because they were not getting orders, but two or three months later, the Mill reopened with eighty girls working. In 1929, the machinery from the Mill was moved to Nashville. Fifteen girls worked to finish the orders in July of 1929. Operations ceased in August of  same year. This building still stands today at the corner of Third St. and Short Ave. It  is used by Lindsey Manufacturing Company.


Mystery Families and Photographs


More pictures from the Mrs. Jim (Hortense) Spence collection donated by Druscilla Beuerlein. Four photos -  #1 6mos old baby - #2 young girl four or five yrs old by H. H. Hanson studio, Lawrenceburg, TN. #3 – Young lady perhaps 15, by Webster studio, Dallas, TX. #4 a baby and a four or five yr old young girl, by W. P. Young, Columbia, TN


Lawrence County Court Clerk Wills January 1829 to October 1847  (continued from Fall 2005)  abstracted by Wallace Palmore  


( March – June Terms – 1846)

McMasters, John – Guardian Settlement

Hammonds, Jesse – Guardian Settlement

Carrell, Stephen – Last Will and Testament

Buckner, Elisha – Last Will and Testament

Keith, Britian – Additional Inventory of the Estate

Voss, William – Last Will & Testament and Probate Records

Smith, Alvin – Last Will and Testament

Blythe, Jacob B. – Administrator Settlement

Choate, Thomas – Guardian Settlement

Burkitt, Burgess – Executor Settlement

Blythe, Jacob, Jr. – Administrator Settlement

                                                            (To be continued in the Spring 2006 issue of the Journal)


Obituaries and Death Announcements From Local Newspapers – Part V (continued from Fall 2005) compiled by Donna Niedergeses Davis  (The obituaries can be order from the Lawrence County Archives.


Mrs. Elizabeth Mitchell

Moses Mootre

A.W. McAnally

Mrs. McClain

Deborah C. McClelland

James E. McCrackin

Henry McDonnell

Margaret A. McGee

Corneluis W. McGuire

Miss Lelia McKnight

Miss Lena McKnight

Dr. Sam McKnight

Mrs. William McMasters

William D. E. Neely

Mrs. Oliver

Mrs. Ada H. Orr

Sister Ellen Parker

Joseph Patterson

George Payne

Samuel Pearce

I.D. Pennington

Mrs. Ella Catharine Rasberry

(Actual obituaries can be obtained by contacting the Lawrence Co. Archives for copies.              
(To be continued in the Winter 2005 issue of the Journal)


History of Lawrence County Schools:  1817-1996 – Part II   

(continued from Fall 2005)   compiled by Kathy Niedergeses


Abner School – located west of Lawrenceburg on the Waynesboro Highway

Appleton School – about 1868, school was built by Wood’s Spring (includes photograph of Appleton School with pupils in 1905.) This is two page article with the school closing in 1951.

Barnesville School – near Henryville on Saw Creek. Closed in 1949

Baugus School – located between Summertown and the Lewis County line.

Beech Grove School – constructed in 1889 and located at Pea Ridge.

Brick Academy – built in the 1830’s and located south of Marcella Falls.

Deerfield School – located 12 miles west of Lawrenceburg on Hwy 64 – closed in 1960 (photograph of school when it sold)

McCrory/Willis Chapel Colored School – near West Point

West Point Colored School – the new school was built in 1910

Pleasant Valley School – built in 1906 on Dry Weakley Creek Road in northeast part

Summertown Sanitarium and Medical School – est. in late 1880’s and closed in 1904

Unknown School Name #1 – 1820’s at edge of town near current Depot Street

Unknown School Name #2 – taught by Ebenezer Evans in 1819/1822 (perhaps same as above)

Unknown School Name #3 – on North Locust

West Highland School – est. in time for 1949-50 school year, closed for Fall 1997 school year.  Photograph included)

Wolf Creek School – built around 1890 and located southwest of St. Joseph

                                                            (To be continued in the Spring 2006 issue of the Journal)


The Book Nook    Reviews by Lila Gobbell and Kathy Niedergeses


James Moore (of Lincoln Co., NC to Lawrence and Wayne Co., TN) Family and Descendants by Mary Nell Hollis Franks and Shirley A. Hollis, Phd; c 2005 This book can be purchased by contacting Lawrence County Archives e-mail:


The Sandrell Family Tree 1600’s – 2004 by Connie Sandrell Davis c 2004 -  Housed at Lawrence County Archives.


The Descendants of Uriah McDonald Mashburn compiled by Barry Keith Mashburn – Housed at Lawrence County Archives


Slave Owners In The Census of Wayne County, TN, by Judy Myrick Miller – housed at Lawrence County Archives


1897-1903 Prices At The Helton Drugstore Waynesboro, TN, by Ladonna Weaver and Gerald Moore – housed at Lawrence County Archives


1930 Wayne County, TN Census, by Gerald K. Moore – housed at Lawrence County Archives



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In Memoriam Estha Cole by Kathy Niedergeses


Ms. Estha Cole, died at Crockett Hospital on Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2005. She was born December 3, 1907. Estha never married, but lived a full and happy life. Her History of Loretto, Tennessee Area was written in 1986. Later she compiled another book, Places In Lawrence County, Then and Now.  Estha also wrote several more books: Ancestor Charts of Maury County, TN; History of Loretto Church of Christ; and was co-author of Our Harrison and Arthur Families of Limestone County, AL. NOTE: The Lawrence County Archives still sells two of Ms Cole’s books: History of Loretto Areas and Places in Lawrence County, TN, Then and Now.


First Families of Lawrence County by Jim Crowder


The Lawrence County Genealogical Society is sponsoring First Families of Lawrence County, TN as an ongoing project. “First Families” descendants must prove by documenting every generation that their ancestors lived in Lawrence County during the time periods listed and that the applicant is a direct descendant. There are two categories: (1) between the periods of 1817-1850 and (2) between the periods of 1851-1900.

The list of rules for application follows:

……Approved records to use for documentation are:

……Submissions along with a $10.00 check or money order should be sent to:


Lawrence County Genealogical Society

218 N. Military Ave.

524 Gallaher St.

Lawrenceburg, TN 38464- 3814


The certificate issued would be a welcome addition to your genealogical research papers.