Lawrence County Heritage

The Journal of the Lawrence County

(Tennessee) Genealogical Society

Vol. 11 No. 2 Winter 2007

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From the Editor:

Work continues on The Heritage of Lawrence County, Tennessee project. The family article portion of the book has been submitted to the publisher. Please consider sending your family stories for publication in the Journal. Also, the "First Families" program is also accepting applications. Your ancestors must have been in Lawrence County prior to 1900 in order to qualify.

About Our Front Cover – Lodi Post Office by Kathy Niedergeses

The picture on the front cover of this issue is the home of Daniel and Becky Shaffer McGee where the Lodi Post Office was kept in their living room for a few years. The article tells the history of this Post Office.

Heritage of Lawrence County, Tennessee

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Lawrence County, Tennessee 1890 Tax List – Part III, First Civil District
(continued from Fall 2007) by Wallace Palmore

List includes names (R – Y), acres, land value, total property value, poll tax, state tax, RR tax and Hwy tax for each entry.

History of Lawrence County Schools: 1817-1996 – Part X (continued from Fall 2007) by Kathy Niedergeses

Colored School, Colored School (West Gaines), Colored School (Lawrenceburg-West Gaines), Colored School (Lawrenceburg – Jr. High), Fuller’s Chapel School, Gaitherville School, Howard’s Chapel School, Rock Quarry School, Saint Joseph School, Saint Joseph Junior High School, Seven School, Venus School, Wayland Springs School.

(To be continued in the Spring 2008 issue of the Journal)

From the Files of H. F. Powell, Funeral Director in Chinubee, TN – Part III – Conclusion (continued from Fall 2007) transcribed by Kathy and Lawrence Niedergeses.

A chart shows the entries for the purchase of items (coffins, robes, etc.) from Mr. Powell’s Funeral Home located a short distance south of the Chinubee School. Records include the name of the deceased, item purchased and price. Please refer to the journal issue for complete names and information. Part III dates from March 15, 1922 through December 11, 1916. Only the last names are listed here:

Penington, Blew, Turner, Brewer, Franklin, Lee, McCracines, Holice, Gobles, Barkely, Writes, Roshell, Biesers, Beryhill, Dodson, Franklin, Carter, Springer, Darnell, Title, Hunt, Prince, Smith, Teocus, Luker, Hardrick, Drake, Rinkes, Williams, Johnson, Baley, Lop, Dotson, Bird, Holis, Horn, McCrory, Miller, Robrtson, Robetson, Bailey, Caperton, Killpateric, Hensley, Buford, Wiley, Clifton, Dixon, Troop (Landtroop), Melson, Hollis, Osburn, Fowler, Shafer, Nelson, Tidwell, Waters, Trip (Landtroop), Pery, Holmon, Adams, Smithson, Fouler, York, Mathes, Brison, Gable, Blair, Welch, Blair, Olie, Simpson, Gabrel, Childreth, Kelley, Dorah, Hubard, Moten, Simson.

The Face of a Harwell, Based on the Proverb: "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" by Susan Beeler Anderson

The story of two distantly related Harwell family researchers (the author and Roger Harvell) who make a surprising discovery that their grandfathers look alike. Photos and a drawing are included.

Mystery Families and Photographs

Help us identify these two photographs. One shows a tow truck with a wrecked car. Building are in the background. The other is a photo of an early cotton gin.

The Williams Family of Lawrence and Lewis Counties, Tennessee: Some of the Difficulties in Documenting Oral Histories by Bonnie Malburg.

The author tells the story of her Davis and Williams ancestors through family stories, oral history, census and local history. The family was in Lawrence County by 1866.

Combined Minutes, Lawrence County Genealogical Society Board Meeting and Lawrence County Genealogical Society Meeting, Saturday, September 15, 2007 by Kathy Niedergeses

Genealogy Found in Deeds for Lawrence Co., TN – Part IV (continued from Fall 2007) compiled by Kathy Niedergeses

Deed Book F, March 1836-September 1839, continued:

Johnson/Craig to Welsher, Glenn to Bell, McGavock to McDonald, Deavenport to Coffman, Leftwich to Leftwich, Perkins to Buchanan, Brashiers/May/Peppers to Brashears, Roberts to Fondren, Fields to Dickson, Fisher to Houston/Gant, Stephenson estate to Henry (Shackelford, Herrin, Miller, Paine), Deavenport to Cofman, Tucker to Richardson, Tucker estate to Richardson, Blake to Kitrell, Williams to Davis, McIntyre estate to McIntyre, Yerger estate to Burkett, Graves to Pennington, Sessums to Keenon, Andrews to trustees of Methodist Episcopal Church, Edmiston to trustees of Methodist Episcopal Church, Kilcrease estate to Brown and Cannon (Griffith), Murphey to Petty, Napier to Wells, Johnson to Ham, Jones to Evans, Stockton estate (Bumpass, Stockton) to Richards, McDonald to Parks, Banner to Harris and Boyet, Matthews to Turner, Fondren to Wright and Leatherman and Davis, Gatlan to Wright and Leatherman and Davis, Daniel estate/ Vaughn to Daniel, Horton to Petty, Blasingame to Barnes, Barnes to Cooper, Mitchell to Heffington, Hurst estate/ Weaver to Nelson, Jackson estate (Roger, Holmes) to Holland, Wisdom to McGee, Stephenson estate/ Jackson to Busby, McIntyre estate/ Melton to McIntyre, Catron to Hoge, McDonald to McDonald, Stevens to Scott, Kidd to Allen and Goff, Edmiston to Field, Pope to Pope, Shields to Davis, Cayce and Shields to Bently, Payton to Christian, Bell to Field, Stevens to Lucus, Stevens estate/ Steven and Lucus to Scott, Sessums to Pillow (Sanders, Martin), Lucus to Evans, McDonald to Perrymore, Fondren to Bradley, Gray and Thompson to Baker, Wasson estate/ Holt to Norman,

Deed Book G, Sept. 1839 to Dec. 1841:

Fields to Parks, Matthews to Curry, Pennington estate to Matthews, McAnally estate/ Herrin to Lucus, McKnight, Deavenport, Lindsey, Bentley, Stephenson, Bumpass, Miller, trustees of Lawrenceburg Academy, Hefley to Parks, Parker to Parker, Vincent to Curry, Bumpass and Stribling (Simonton), Christian estate/ Christian to Voorhies and Davis, Beck to McLaren, Moody to Moore, Chaffin estate/ Chaffin, Williams, Voorhies, Turner to Gresham, McCutchen to Hags, McCutchen to McCutchen, Byler to Young, Wisdom to Hampton, Hampton to Knox, Cross estate/ Hooper to McBride, McDonald to Williams, Kennedy to Erwin, Mason and Durbin, Higgs to Foster, Tucker estate/ Tucker to Tucker, Smith to Trip, Alvis to Busby, Reynolds estate/ Matthews to Bowden, Christian to Voorhies and Davis, DePriest estate/ DePriest, Gaker, Dunlap to Wilsford, Myers to Myers, Compton to Compton, Goff to Goff (Tarkington), Pettres to McDougal, Warren estate/ Warren to Craig,

(To be continued in the Spring issue of the Journal)

The Gold Star Boys of World War I by Kathy Niedergeses

The author tells of a family trunk full of memorabilia and the connection to the Gold Star awards that were given to the families of World War I soldiers who lost their lives in combat or by disease. Sources are given for research of Gold Star Records for Tennesseans who died while serving in the military in World War I.

Addition to "At Rest" Cemeteries of Lawrence County, TN – Part I by Kathy Niedergeses

This list updates the book "AT REST" Cemetery Records of Lawrence County, TN by Carrie Hardwick Grisham and Irene McBane Alexander published in 1967 and it’s supplements. It includes new information on the cemeteries and names on tombstones.

(To be continued in the Spring issue of the Journal)