Lawrence County Heritage

The Journal of the Lawrence County

(Tennessee) Genealogical Society

Vol. 13 No 2 Winter 2009

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From the Editor:

You may qualify for membership in the First Families program if your family was in Lawrence County prior to 1900. The society has purchased all the Heritage of Lawrence County, Tennessee books that had not been previously sold. They are available for $65. Please submit your family articles for inclusion in the Journal.

Mystery Pictures Identified

The mystery photograph in the Fall 2009 issue has been identified as Andrew Allen Hagan. Another photo has been identified as Zeffie Katherine (Lindsey) Sanders.

In Memoriam

James ĎJimí William Wisdom died on October 5, 2009 in Raleigh, NC. Survivors are listed. Kathy Niedergeses tells of Jim and his wife and their visits to the archives to research the Wisdom and Tucker families.

Lawrence County Birth Records 1908-1912 Ė Part V Transcribed by Donna Niedergeses Davis, 2004 (continued from Fall 2009)

This list of births was transcribed from the original book of births and deaths for Lawrence County. The following information is given: Last name, first name, date of birth, sex, color, where born, fatherís name, where father born, occupation, motherís name, where mother born, physicianís name, date of ?? and page number in book.

See journal issue for complete information. Surnames include: Garrett, Schnider, Patton, Sink, Brian, Yount, Wilkinson, McMasters, Vann, Dickey, Smith, Anderson, West, Fortune, Hare, Holtsford, Burch, Cunningham, Hampton, Foster, Gunselman, Pickard, Walker, Massey, Adkisson, Grimes, Webb, Washburn, Cochran, Clark, Hicks, Bani(?), Henson, Ramsey, Bostick, Shield, Pennington, Ballard, Barnes, Mooney, Jentry, Crosthwait, Brandon, Usher, Hines, Barnes, Griggs, Hollaway, Martin, Staggs, Miligan, Mc???, Brewer, Barnett, Rohling, Weaver, Brimer, Bloom, Jensen, Wooard, Boges, Williams, Crane, Dodd, Hazelwood, Baldwin, Alexander, Wood, Kerr. (to be continued in the Spring 2010 issue of the Journal)

The County Poor Farm Ė Part XI (continued from Fall 2009) compiled by Kathy Niedergeses & Donna Niedergeses Davis

This is a continuation of a series of articles on the county farm in Lawrence County. Names were extracted from County Court Minute Book August 1894-1896: Boswell, Glenn, Lucas, White, Taylor, Tyler, Riggs, Daily, Clayton, Lunn, Tucker, Gobell, Durbin, Pierce, Lamprecht, Futrell, Gullie, Cross, Bassham, Whitman, Burlison, Schneider, Green, Williams, Robison, Davis, Shook, Hays, Flippo, Cothran, Buie, Burlison, Clark, Flate, Powell, Stewart, Prince, Gable, Gullic, Urbin, Clayton, Riggs, Daley, Lunn, Schneider, Clark, Hughes, Holaway, Tripp, Rahrer. Article includes two photos of the County Poor Farm property.

Lawrence County, Tennessee 1890 Tax List Ė Part I, Fourth Civil District / Wallace Palmore

Names include: Bivens, Blangy, Birmingham & Sterine, Baxter, Ballentine & Ezell, Berry, Belew, Brockwell, Brink, Brune, Burkorth, Bueirline, Bolt, Bahns, Bentley, Belew, Birdson, Brookesh, Baldrige, Burkost, Baker, Crow & Hall, Clemonts, Choat, Crowder, Cox, Carrell, Celle, Copeland, Cantrell, Durrett, Deller, Dunkle, Durrett, Dustin & Dunn, Duckworth, Ellers, England, Earnhart, Elshoff, Freeman, Frazier, Franks, Feildman, Griffin, Kobeck, Green, Grockner, Graft & Guthond, Gries, Gartner, GCHA, Gennam, Hazelwood, Hamilton, Hughes, Harris, Hagan, Hide. (To be continued in the Spring 2010 issue of the Journal.)

Minutes to Lawrence County Genealogical Society Board Meeting, Saturday, September 19, 2009 / Doyce Shaddix

Election of new officers was held. A motion to keep all officers in their respective positions was passed. Motions passed concerning reimbursement to Jim Crowder for expenses incurred while working on the Journals this year; the society will pay the membership for

Minutes to Lawrence County Genealogical Society Meeting, Saturday, September 19, 2009 / Doyce Shaddix

The meeting was called to order by President Wallace Palmore. Treasurerís report was given, Motions passed included: the sale of the Heritage book, re-election of the same board members; a memorial for Stacey Lee Fleeman. The speaker was Mrs. Jennetta Stevenson Kelsey, who spoke on the Harris and Kilburn families.

The Robertson & Kilburn Families Who Migrated to Searcy County, AR Lina Jane Boyd

A history of the Robertson and Kilburn families of Lawrence County, Tennessee, that moved to Richland Creek are of Searcy and Newton counties in Arkansas, around November of 1853. Names included: James Davis Robertson, Vincent Robertson, John P. Robertson, Sally Robert married Joseph Rea, Cynthia Robertson married John Christopher Wortman, Finnis Robertson, Elizabeth Robertson married Joseph Brewer, Millie Angeline Robertson married Carroll Kilburn, Wesson Robertson, John Carroll Kilburn, Greenberry Jackson Kilburn. Source for information was Elsie Ray Edwards, great-grandson of John Carroll Kilburn and Millie Angeline Robertson.

Mystery Families and Photographs

Unidentified photos include: 1) a possible family reunion; 2) two gentlemen; 3) a woman feeding chickens.

Beard Family of SC, AL & Lawrence County, TN Laura Beard Dial

A history of one Beard family that migrated to Lawrence County about 1915. John Beard and his wife Elizabeth were living in South Carolina between 1790 and 1850. Their children were : Martin V. Beard, Huldah Emmaline Beard and Martha Ann Beard. Family members lived in Lawrence County, AL, Franklin County, AL. Martin V. Beard married Emaline Hutto. There children were: Zero Stansmore, Joh Van Buren, Mary Jan "Molly" married "Ed" Kirby, Susannah Elizabeth. John Van Buren Beard married Margaret Emaline Little and were the parents of 13 children. John Martin Beard and Ellen Jones were the parents of 7 children. The authorís parents, J. I. and Lizzie Beard moved to Lawrence County shortly after their marriage in 1915. Two photos are included: 1) John Martin Beard and Julia Sophrany Ellen Jones Beard and 2) John I. "Naish" Beard and Lizzie Lackey Beard.

Lawrence County, TN Ė 1913 School Census Ė Part I submitted by Lila Gobell

The introduction to this listing includes a history of the school districts and their locations. The original handwritten records at the Archives have been transcribed and include the 1) names of parents or persons with whom children reside, 2) name of each child with a mark to indicate color and sex; 3) white male or female; 4) whether the child can read; and 5) age. The following surnames are listed: Hollman, Richardson, Tidwell, Clayton, Inman, Green, Perry, Steisher, Quillen, Barnett, Faulkner, Beaumer, Kress, Stutts, Jinkins, Henson, Atwell, Shepard, McGee, Johnson, Wade, Clemons, Clemons, Odem, Beumer, Clemons, Holmann, Barns, Reishman, Pottkotten, Remington, Veteto, Akins, Stark, Gable, Weaver, Peppers, Barnett, Spencer, Evers, Cassels, Garrison, Atkinson, Dooley, Smith, Mackey, Martengale, Thigpen, Killen, Beumer, Eck, Killen, Peppers, Richards, Brown, Alread, Littrell, Moody, Hughs, Derolf, Waters Simbeck, Lantroup, Hollander, White, Smith, Davis, Butler, Reeves, Neidert, Weathers, Rogers, Kluesner, Beckman, Augustine, Fowler. (To be continued in the Spring 2010 issue of the Journal)

The Book Nook / reviews by Lila Gobbell

The following books were reviewed:

The Heritage of Warren County, TN 1807-2005, a collection of Warren Countyís Past and Present compiled by and written by itís people.

Pittsylvania County, Virginia Heritage 1767-2006, by the Pittsylvania County, Virginia Heritage Book Committee and County Heritage.

Halifax County, Virginia Heritage 1752-2007, by the Halifax County Book Committee and County Heritage, Inc.

Three Perry Sisters, Mary Ann, Bonnie and Frances, by Mary Ann Perry Matthews and Bonnie Marie Perry with Rex Matthews. A sequel to "Perry Family Memories". The subjects were born in the 1930ís and grew up in Lawrence County during the Depression years. They were the daughters of William Erwin Perry and Frances Nell Hall.

The Heritage of Clay County, Alabama, by Heritage Publishing Consultants, Inc. and the Clay County Heritage Book Committee.

About Our Front Cover, Burtonís Drugstore Researched and Compiled by Kathy Niedergeses

This article explores the history behind the photo of Burtonís Drugstore owned by Dr. Wilson M. Burton. Newspaper ads, a newspaper photo with description, and local records were consulted for information regarding location, time periods and items sold in the drugstore. Other drugstores are mentioned.

Belew Cemetery (Old) Kathy Niedergeses

Location and directions are given for finding this cemetery.* The following surnames are listed: Belew, Busby, Chapman, Hall, Hensley, Palmer, Pullen, Johnson, Lumpkins, Smith, Springer.

Belew Family Cemetery

Location and directions are given for finding this cemetery.* Stones have been covered by debris. One stone is listed: M.C.B. Belew was born 22 Oct 1844, died 8 Nov. 1846.

*Directions were written in 1967 and may not be correct now, due to road and other changes.

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