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Vol. 13 No. 4 Summer 2010

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In Memoriam by Kathy Niedergeses

Lina Jane Owens Boyd, 68, of Dover, AR, died Thursday, February 18, 2010. This memoriam includes a biography and a list of survivors.

Wayne County Historical Society Compiling New Book

If your ancestor fought in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Seminole Wars, Creek War, and any other service that fought Indian, those Civil War soldiers who were sent to the western frontier to fight the Indians, Mexican American War, or Spanish American War, please submit a biographical sketch to Wayne County Historical Society, P.O. Box 866, Waynesboro, TN 38485.

Minutes to Lawrence County Genealogical Society Board Meeting Saturday, March 20, 2010 by Doyce Shaddix

Minutes of the December 2009 were read and accepted; the Treasurers Report was given; Old Business included discussion concerning meeting dates; the purchase of window coverings for the Archives building; reduction of the number of Journals printed; and the subscription to New Business included the purchase of web design software; approval of DSL internet account.

Minutes to Lawrence County Genealogical Society Meeting Saturday, March 20, 2010 by Doyce Shaddix

Minutes of the last minute were approved; financial report was given by Treasurer; financial status of The Heritage of Lawrence County, Tennessee book was presented. There are 110 unsold books. Old Business included: window coverings; subscription; journal printing of 300 copies. New Business included: a discussion and vote regarding the placement of original articles used in The Heritage of Lawrence County, Tennessee book to be placed in family folders in the Archives.

Denny Miner was the speaker of the day. He presented the family history of the Brewer families of Lawrence and Wayne Counties.

Lawrence County, Tennessee 1890 Tax List – Part III – Conclusion, Fourth Civil District (continued from Spring 2010) by Wallace Palmore

Names include: Scott, Selle, Scaup, Scranton, Schlorth, Schak, Schneider, Smith, Tidwell, Voss, Vanlier, Vaughan, Wintrick, Williamson, Wurner, Williams, White, Widerman, Washman, Wakerman, White, Woestmen, Yancy.

Lawrence County, Tennessee 1890 Tax List – Part I – Fifth Civil District by Wallace Palmore

Names include: Appleton, Beasley, Blen, Bailey, Belew, Bradley, Bregeman, Bennett, Benton, Bain & Patrick, Belew & Lumpkins, Belew & Dunkle, Busby, Brum, Brandon, Barnes, Carpenter, Cummins, Crews, Carrell, Clayton, Collin, Campfield, Clemments, Collier, Cagle, Duckworth, Douglas, Davidson, Dunkle, Dennis, Emert, Eagle Mills, Freeman, Flippo, Franks, Frast, Griffen, Guthrie, Gschwint, Barner, Gower, Green, Grinnell, Gray, Goodson, Glover, Gower, Lumpkins & Company, Helton, Hay, Herald, Hase, Hill, Hagan, Hughes, Hamilton, Smith, Hays, Howard.

(To be continued in the Fall 2010 issue of the Journal)

Writing Your Family History in Bits & Pieces by Susan Beeler Anderson

The author offers a way to tackle writing your family history by writing short stories.

Three Houses and an Outhouse by Susan Beeler Anderson

The author tells the story of her childhood family homes and one story about her father blowing up the outhouse. One family group photo and a drawing of one of the homes are included. A photo of the same house is featured on the cover of the Journal.

The Book Nook reviews by Lisa Gobbell

The following books have been added to the Lawrence Co. Archives:

The Strickland Story, and Account of the Descendants of Frederick and Mary Gibson Strickland by Kathleen Strickland Bell. 1993; updated 2003,

Lewis County, Tennessee History and Families c1995, compiled by Lewis County Historical Society; Turner Publishing Company.

Skeletons of the Civil War, True Ghost Stories of the Army of Tennessee c2007, by Debra Glass with Heath Mathews.

A Family History, you are here, but how did you get here?c2010, by Druscilla Truitt Beuerlein. History of the family of John Allen Benson and Drucilla Young Alexander.

The County Poor Farm – Part XIII – Continued compiled by Kathy Niedergeses & Donna Niedergeses Davis

This is a continuation of articles on the county farm in Lawrence County. Names of paupers include: Burlison, Green, Stephens, Bassham, Robison, Boyd, Laws, Taylor, Marcum, Doublin, Clayton, Dourban, Robeison, Brown, Riggs, Bentley, Anderson, Dailey, Shook, Whitman, Schneider, Watson, Robinson, Davis, Ball, Gable, Jolly, Wisdom, Durbin, Yokely, Durham, Love, Mitchell, Thornton. Caretakers listed: Smith, Sowell, Kennedy, Harlan, Rau, Dustin, Dunn, McDougal, Bivins, Schlater, Hankle, Jordan, Osburn, Johns, Schade, Roling, Gunselman. (To be continued in the Fall 2010 issue of the Journal)

Mystery Families and Photographs

Three photos in need of identification are: 1) Men in machine shop; 2) Elderly couple; 3) man holding two babies on his lap.

Lawrence County, TN – 1913 School Census – Part III – Continued (continued from Spring 2010) submitted by Lila Gobbell

Surnames included: Braley, Williams, Odem, Newton, Williams, Cleveland, Barnett, Jordan, Reavis, Hues, Marks, Hollander, Powell, Wood, Newman, Atkinson, Maxwell, Basham, Augistinie, Belew, Sudduth, McDow, Hicock, Smith, Johns, Bivens, Simbeck, Rigling, Johndon, Urban, Ellers, Sandy, Wright, Slaten (Slater), Ayers, William, Littrell, Robertson, Roberts, Dover, Wilcoxson, Gabel, Speakman, Brown, Young, Lawrence, Barnett, Robertson, Hollis, Farr, Flatt, Tidwell, Marks, Brown, Nash, Powell. (To be continued in the Fall 2010 issue of the Journal)

Does Anyone Know Where "Grandpa" Cantrell Came From? Researched and compiled by Kathy Niedergeses

The author details the mystery of where Alexander E. "Grandpa" Cantrell was born and raised, and when he came to Tennessee using several sources. The narrative includes several stories told by "Grandpa" and others told about him. The author asks for assistance in solving the mystery.

Heritage of Lawrence County, Tennessee Jim Crowder

Copies of this book about the families of Lawrence County are still available and make a nice gift to a family member or friend. The price is $65 picked up at the Archives or $76 if it is shipped.

Lawrence County Birth Records 1908-1912 – Part VII – Continued (continued from Spring 2010) Transcribed by Donna Niedergeses Davis, 2004.

The following were transcribed from the original book of births and deaths in Lawrence County, Tennessee. Surnames only are listed here. See the Journal for complete name, date, father’s name, etc. Risner, Downing, Huse (Hughes), Porter, Roden, Roberts, Styles, Simbeck, Clay, Welch, White, Smith, Johnson, Berryhill, Lemay, Nance, McGee, Reed, Bromley, Perser, McNeese, Smith, Hensley, Spencer, Hayes, Liles, Cody, Reogas, Daniels, Adkisson, Forsythe, Seavey, Smith, Murrell, Lovel, Barnett, Creekmore, Johnson, Curtis, Wilcoxson, Reeves, Allred, Eells, Cole, Littrell, King, Moody, Kerstin, Kerstiens, Augustin, Broly, Hammond, Ezell, Shadix, Phillips, Kile, Belew, Brown, Neidter, Beckman, Newton, York, Rengleng, Hollander, Johns, White, Hood, Mabry, Brown, Curtis, Comer, Jones, Farr, Barnett, Lawrence, Marks, Flatt, Hammonds, Shelton, Cleveland, Nash, Byke, Hand, Davis, Myhon, Williams, Ayers, Sandy, Rukhman, Green.

(To be continued in the Fall 2010 issue of the Journal)

Transcribed by Susan Anderson Beeler

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