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Vol. 14 No. 4 Summer 2011

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From the Editor:

It is time to reunion your membership by using the application on the inside back cover of this journal. We still have a few Heritage of Lawrence County, Tennessee books for sale. We also have a book for sale about the time David Crocket spent in Lawrence County. This book writeen by Gert Petersen and titled David Crockett, The Public Man and Legislator, An Account of his Life, while a Resident of Lawrence County, 1817-1822 is available at the Lawrence County Archives in Leoma, TN. The price is $15.00

About Our Front Cover- The Freemon House by Kathy Niedergeses

This article describes the old log house pictured on the front cover of the journal. Called the "Old Hamilton House", it was the first dwelling on the east side of the Old Military (Jackson Hwy., Florence Rd.) south of Shoal Creek. Details on the construction of the building and those who owned the property are given. Anyone with knowledge of this house is asked to contact the author at the Archives.

Lawrence County, Tennessee 1890 Tax List – Part I, Seventh Civil District by Wallace Palmore

This is a listing of the names, acres, land and property values and various taxes associated with the Seventh Civil District. This information from the 1890 Tax List and include the following names: Anthony, Adams, Bowen, Benne, Bowden, Brasier, Bryant, Boatright, Gardner, Bumpass, Bauer, Brockauspe, Bower, Bruton, Bradley, Banning, Bates, Bird, Barkley, Brasier, Ball, Bentley, Meredith, Hamilton, Oliver, Taylor, Brink, Bailey, Castell, Courtright, Clayton, Clay, Bailey, Crews, Cummins, Chambers, Davis, Deal, Deer, Dodd, McGee, Edwards, Earler, Lutts, Florenceland M & Mf Company, Flippo, Fisher, Gobbell, Gallaher, Georunnusen, Grees, GCHA Farm, Gritling, Gower, Garrett, Harding, Faver. (To be continued in the Fall 2011 issue of the Journal)

Cocke County Connection – Lindsey by Bruce Price

This history covers the descendants of William and Phoebe Lindsey of the old 12th Civil District of Cocke County who moved to Lawrence County in the early 1900s- William A. Lindsey, William Eli Lindsey and Mary Ann Lindsey Jenkins. The details of the estate of Joel Lindsey of Sevier County are given with a listing of the many offspring of his siblings. The article refers to Jesse Lindsey, father of Joel, who is said to be the son of William and Rachel Lindsey of Anson County, N.C.

McCracken and Allied Family Burials in Knob Creek/Mt. Zion Cemetery, Lawrence Co., Tennessee – Part II – Conclusion by Maryanne A. McCracken Highley

The Knob Creek-Mt. Zion Cemetery was established in the 1800’s. It is located near West Point, Tennessee. The author reports on her family members who were buried there. Biographical information about the following individuals is given: Luther Blount McCracken, Jr., Lena M. McCracken Lemay, John Wesley Lemay, Sally Ella McCracken Slagle, Loyal Arthur Slagle, Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie" Johnston Kelly, James S. Kelly, Jane Haile Kelly. The article concludes with a list of sources and directions to find the cemetery.

Lawrence County Birth Records 1908 – 1912 – Part XI (continued from Spring 2011) Transcribed by Donna Niedergeses Davis, 2004

The birth records were transcribed from the original book of births and deaths in Lawrence County, Tennessee. Information includes names, birthdates, sex, color, where born, father’s name, where father born, occupation, mother’s name, where mother born, physician’s name, date of ??, and page number in book. The following are the surnames of those listed with the additional information: Odeneal, Beuerline, Potts, Hardy, Stayton, Todd, Carden, Staggs, Young, Teegarten, Wright, Giffin, Martin, Childers, Carden, Foster, Bryant, Smith, Massey, Gilbert, Buntin, Mitchel, Pieters, McCaleb, Courtright, Chambers, Caroll, Clayton, Lee, Baley, Wilson, Brown, Jaco, Moore, Chaffin, Ledford, Pollock, Skidmore, Halaway, Powell, Kennedy, Armstrong, Crosthwait, Workman, Phillips, Brooks, Durham, Pennington, Thomas, Dourt, Winter, Patterson, Cummings, Matlock, Walker, Buie, Cottingham, Nafe, Rice, Burnes, Reed, Roden, Brewer, Rawdon, Metheny, Gray, Lumpkins, Bailey, Laws, Kirk, Hickman, Crews, Smith. (To be continued in the Fall 2011 issue of the Journal)

Lawrenceburg WWII POW Camp by Curtis Peters

This is a history of the German POW Camp in Lawrenceburg during WWII. Located in Pine Bluff at the site of the previous CCC Camp, it housed prisoners 1944 to 1946. Names of US Guards included: Lunders, Hendrick, Fatta, Sias, Cerone, Bwome, Solins, Washam, Spudlin, Curtin, Leddy, Kahn, Taylor and Long. Two photos show some of the POWs.

Newspaper Clips

Excerpts from The Press, August 1, 1883 include one about a lump of iron ore from the Wright Bank, near West Point, that weighed 720 pounds and the importance of the resources of the county in attracting future capital development. The other excerpt referred to samples of Lawrence county ore that were sent to the Louisville Exposition.

The Book Nook reviews by Lila Gobbell and Kathy Niedergeses

The following books are reviewed and are housed at the Lawrence Co. Archives:

Kramer Family and Allied Lines by Elaine Steinegger

The Samuel Freeman Family by Josephine Willis Pickard

The Life and Time of Ancestors of James Hollis Hallowes – Beyond Virginia and Maryland by Shirley A. Hollis and Mary Nell Hollis-Franks

David Crockett, The Public Man and Legislator: An Account of His Life While a Resident of Lawrence County 1817 – 1822 by Gert Petersen

Minutes to Lawrence County Genealogical Society Board Meeting, Saturday, March 19, 2011 by Doyce Shaddix

The minutes were approved as printed in the Spring 2011 Journal. The Treasurer’s report was also approved. Old business included a discussion of the book by Gert Peterson about David Crockett. New business included the reminder of the Rawdon-Spears SCV Camp Civil War/Historical Tour on May 14, 2011.

Minutes to Lawrence County Genealogical Society Meeting, Saturday, March 19, 2011 by Doyce Shaddix

The meeting was called to order by President Wallace Palmore. The minutes were approved. The financial report was given and approved. Old business included information about the Gert Petersen book about David Crockett. New business included an announcement about the Rawdon-Spears SCV Camp Tour. The speaker of the day was Mary Nell Hollis Franks providing the program titled Researching Your Ancestors in America and Beyond.

Lawrence County, Tennessee Genealogical Society Specially Called Board Meeting, April 15, 2011

A special meeting was called for the discussion and decision making regarding the sale and distribution of the David Crockett book by Gert Peterson. The book will be available at the David Crockett State Park Restaurant and the Lawrence County Historical Society’s Old Jail Museum. Motions were approved concerning the selling price of the book and the cost to the vendors. (The book is also available at the Archives.)

Newspaper Clips

Two quotes from the Democrat-Union May 9, 1930 and May 16, 1930 about "Uncle Shorty" at the County Farm.

Mystery Families and Photographs

Four photos are displayed that need identification. One is a group photo taken in front of a clapboard building (church?). There is an elderly couple that is seated with flowers on their laps. Others in the photo appear to be holding books (Bibles?). The second photo is a portrait of a young couple. The third is a group photo of a Knob Creek School class. It was submitted by Mary Ann Highley who identified one of the children as her father Luther Blount McCracken. She would like help in identifying the year or others in the photo. The fourth photo shows a couple standing in front of a car (Model T?) with farm buildings and a house in the background. It could be on a city residential street.

The Pace Family compiled by Doyce Shaddix from a Presentation by Bobby Alford to the Lawrence Co. Genealogical Society

This history highlights certain individuals in 17 generations of the Pace family- from John Pace born in 1480 to those who lived in Lawrenceburg. It includes information about Adger M. Pace and his employer James D. Vaughn of The Vaughn Publishing Co., a music printing business and the song "Beautiful Star of Bethlehem".

Migrations To And From Lawrence County, TN During The 1870’s Through Early 1900s Researched and Compiled by Kathy Niedergeses

Names of those who migrated to or from Lawrence County that are mentioned in newspapers from the 1880s, 1890s and early 1900s are provided in this listing. Also included are those visiting from another county or state, those registered in hotels, and former Lawrence Countians subscribing to the local newspaper. The following names are listed with details provided: Ben F. Herrin, Amos Whipps, H.C. Whipps, Isado Cecil, Allice Ribble, L. Cecil, Florence Barnes, Eva Smith, Mr. S. Mayes, Frank Cornell, Mrs. Rogers, G.W. Blackburn, A.M. Gillespie, J. M. Swadley, L. H. Goss, Mrs. Jacob Leamon, Frank Lincoln, J. D. Neelley, M. J. Goodman, Sue Andre, Napoleon Beckham, Dick Blythe, C. A. Parker, R. D. Parker, Mrs. Willie Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Reese, Mrs. L. F. Gunn, D. E. Williams, I. A. Mann, John Waltz, P. H. Allen, Lee Berry, John E. Miller, A. S. Aredon, R. T. Simpson, B. F. Belew, B. T. Welch, Mrs. Gaston Brown, Mrs. Will Rutherford, Mrs. A. Lutts, J. C. Phillips, Mrs. R. L. Bryan, Mr. Wiley Phillips.

(To be continued in the Fall 2011 issue of the Journal)

The County Poor Farm – Part XVII compiled by Kathy & Lawrence Niedergeses

This material covers the time period of Oct. 1929 through Jan. 1933. For a full explanation of the poor house history see Vol. 7 No. 1, Fall 2003. Help is needed to search through minute books and newspapers for 1900 forward. Please contact the Archives if you can assist in this project. The following names in this article: Whit F. Smith, Mrs. Smith, Jess Smith, Bettie Burlison, Theodora Tice, Lillie Baugus, Willie Earl Baugus, Annie Lee Baugus, Sarah Lucas, Unice Staggs, Willie Calvert (Millie), Jane Moore, Myrtle LeMay, Malinda Ables, Annie Ables, Sallie Childrey, Sarah Pack, Jane Meek, Fannie Staggs, Sallie Grimes, Ann Brumley, Hattie Brumley, Bessie Kimmons, Marie Kimmons, Frank Washburn, Joe Staggs, James R. Curtis, James Robinson, J.C. Grimes, John Baugus, Herschel Nation, John H. Baugus, S. M. Meek, Miner Branch, Edgar Wolfe, A. S. Crews, John Wes Smith, Hase Simpson, "Aunt Mille" Calvert, Aunt Sally Jane Davis, Millard Granville Brewer, Cruss Brewer, Jack Wasson, "Shep" Wasson, P.C. Kimbrough, A. H. O’Rear, L. E. Black, R.M. Crowder, R.B. Crews. (To be continued in the Fall 2011 issue of the Journal)

History of Masonic Lodges in Lawrence County, Tennessee Travis Gray, Secretary

This article focuses on the history of the Mimosa Lodge that was chartered in 1890 in Lawrenceburg. Future issues will include lists of members and information on other lodges.

Time to Renew Your Membership

Please renew your membership. There is an increase from $10 to $15 per year.

Mystery Picture Identified Jim Crowder

A photo that appeared in the Spring 2010 issue of the Journal was identified as the family of Henry Andrew White and Alice Riddle White. The names of the children include Sarah Evaline (Evie), Alice Anna, Daniel Marion, Sintha Mary, Mary J. Luther A. and Arthur J.

Contributed by Susan Beeler Anderson

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