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Vol. 15 No. 1 Fall 2011

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From the Editor:

There are approximately 250 members of the society today. Of that number, there are over 80 lifetime members. After ten years, the $100 associated with lifetime membership no longer covers the expenses of their membership. Costs of printing and mailing have increased and therefore society was forced to increase dues to $15.00 annually. "First Family" certificates are still available. There is still a need for journal articles and mystery photos.

The Book Nook reviews by Lila Gobbell and Kathy Niedergeses

Bradford Omar Cottrell Family Genealogy, by Sharon Wright Cottrell; 2010.

We’re all here…The Bishop Family, descendants of Frances Marion Bishop (1846-1906), compiled by Nancy Lou (Lancester) Mathews with contributions from other family researchers.

John and Sarah Durrett Family, by Josephine Willis Pickard; 2011.

Family of John and Mary "Polly" White 1790-2000 Addendum through 2010, by Josephine Willis Pickard; 2011.

From the Ashes of Glory, by Howard Goode, 2011.

Lawrence County, Tennessee 1890 Tax List – Part II, Seventh Civil District (continued from Summer 2011) Wallace Palmore

This is a listing of the names, acres, land and property values and various taxes associated with the Seventh Civil District. This information from the 1890 Tax List and include the following names: Harding, Hagan, Harris, Hebert, Honnold, Hemesth, Hartfielden, Holt, Holsford, Hollis, Harvey, Herbert, Joiner, Johnson, Jones, Kelley, Kelsoe, Krenning, Karst, Kilburn, Kidd, Kennedy, Lutts, Linam, Lancaster, Luna, Looney, Murphy, Moran, McLane, Mitchell, McMillen, McBrige, Morris, Messmer, Miller, Morgan, McBride, Marsh, McGee, McAfee, May, Mahr, Meirlow, McGee, Morris, North, Neal, Ness, Patterson, Powers, Parkes, Parker, Hughes, Garrett, Deavenport, Powell, Rose, Ray, Rippey, Reaves. (To be continued in the Winter 2011 issue of the Journal)

Lawrence County Birth Records 1908-1913 – Part XII (continued from Summer 2011) Transcribed by Donna Niedergeses Davis, 2004

The birth records were transcribed from the original book of births and deaths in Lawrence County, Tennessee. Information includes names, birthdates, sex, color, where born, father’s name, where father born, occupation, mother’s name, where mother born, physician’s name, date of ??, and page number in book. The following are the surnames of those listed with the additional information: Vandeygriffe, Bishop, Fox, Cocke, Turner, Beard, Bell, Crews, Lealand, Plaskett, Hays, Stewart, Inman, Faulkner, Alexander, Hutchinson, Frison, Lentz, Napier, S pencer, Weaver, Marston, Riddle, Hughs, Simbeck, Smith, Mabry, Wright, Litrell, Wright, Litrell, Barns, Crews, Robertson, Lynum, Tucker, McLean, Yates, White, Douglass, Bird, Davis, Hines, Simms, Brewer, Harris, McGee, McCorry, Simbeck, Carroll, McDonald, Bird, Wadkins, Holt, Williams, Jacobs, Robertson, Wisdom, Wood, Hodge, Thomason, Matney, Hutson, Shelton, Slagle, Duram, Matney, O’Neal, Price, Welch, Jackson, Hollis, Bivins, Spears, Hollis. (To be continued in the Winter 2011 issue of the Journal)

The County Poor Farm – Part XVIII – Conclusion (continued from Summer 2011) compiled by Kathy & Lawrence Niedergeses

This material covers the time period of Oct. 1929 through Jan. 1933. For a full explanation of the poor house history see Vol. 7 No. 1, Fall 2003. Help is needed to search through minute books and newspapers for 1900 forward. Please contact the Archives if you can assist in this project. The following names in this article: Smith, Graves, Brewer, Luncsford, Wooden, Packs, Purdue, Whitman, Staggs, Tice, Woff, Johnson, Bassham, Sowell, Richardson, Hill, Bulison, Baugus, Robertson, Branch, Calvert, Hood, Alexander, Shirley, Ingram, Davis, Caperton.

*This concludes the series of articles about the County Poor Farm until more research is done. Please consider volunteering to help with this on-going project.

Minutes to Lawrence County Genealogical Society Board Meeting, Saturday, June 25, 2011. Doyce Shaddix

Meeting called to order by Chairperson, Lila Gobbell. Financial report given; no old business. New business covered the sale of David Crocket, The Public Man and Legislator at the David Crockett State Park Restaurant; a discussion of the internet fee for the archives and LCGS; changing the June meeting date; the possible compilation of a pictorial book of Lawrence County; the sale of the Lawrence Co. Heritage Book.

Minutes to Lawrence County Genealogical Society Meeting , Saturday, June 25, 2011. Doyce Shaddix

The meeting was called to order by President, Wallace Palmore. Minutes of the past meeting were approved and a financial report was presented. At the conclusion of the meeting, a presentation on the Sevier Family of Tennessee was give by Curtis Peter, a retired history teacher at Summertown and Jamie Sevier, presently a Lawrenceburg City Councilman.

Migrations To and From Lawrence County, TN During The 1870’s Through Early 1900s – Part IV (continued from Summer 2011) Researched and Compiled by Kathy Niedergeses

Names of those who migrated to or from Lawrence County that are mentioned in newspapers from the 1880s, 1890s and early 1900s are provided in this listing. Also included are those visiting from another county or state, those registered in hotels, and former Lawrence Countians subscribing to the local newspaper. The following names are listed with details provided: Sexton, Hagan, Kelley, Stewart, Buchanan, Starnes, Seavy, Ham, Richardson, Bentley, Crews, Wright, Tays, Willis, Neal, McKissack, Kemphus, Stribling, Huffman, Cline, Davidson, Perry, Blue, Garrett, George, Church, Neelley, Fain, Doud, Hefferman, Finney, White, Reeves, Patten, Hampton, Woodard, Whitaker, Sloan, Bryson, Wildes, Braley, Jordan, Wiggs, Carter, Hood, Jennings, Rainey, Gregory, Harwood, Wiggs, Lewis.

Mystery Pictures Identified Jim Crowder

Mary Ann Kelton identified three mystery pictures from previous issues of the Journal: 1) William Henry Glass and twins, Lonnie and Loney; 2) Mary Gibbins/Gibbons Martin and granddaughter, Mary Grisham McDow; and 3) William Henry Glass and Sheriff John T. Smallwood. (see article about the Glass family in this issue)

Chronology of 1929 Reviewed From D-U Files / Many Changes Occur During Past Year In This County / Review of 1929 is Interesting / Important Events for Year Mark Growth of this City. By C. T. Crawford, Jr. / Submitted by Kathy Niedergeses

Items taken from the files of the Democrat-Union and compiled into an article by Charlie T. Crawford, Jr. There are many death dates in this material. Names included: Collins, Hagan, Johnson, Springer, McNely, Whitaker, Lumpkins, Wesson, Spencer, Brewer, Freemon, Lynch, Pittrell, Burgess, Chapman, Collins, Stermer, McGee, Hickman, Littrell, Sands, Kelly, Bailey, Guynn, Fellman, Rohling, Hillhouse, Watkins, Smith, Busy, Brewer, Gilbreth, Lafferty, Larrimore, Womack, Blessing, Lyles, Hagan, Pollock, Durrett, Rinks, Lindsey, Taylor, Usher, McClanahan, Hewett, Evers, Benderman, McCrory, Tomlin, Kennedy, Neidergeses, Cantrell, Powell, Green, Gobble, Duffield, Lockeridge, Allen, Jones, Webb, Hall, Collier, Allen, Stockard, Patterson, Petty, Chamberlain, Lumpkins, Wolf, Denson, Cridor, Stunkard, Moore, Neelley, Cantrell, Ray, Bassham, Voss, Gallaher, Brewer, Crawford, Richardson, Kelly, Crews, Oaks, Green.

(To be continued in the Winter 2011 issue of the Journal)

The Family of William Henry and Amanda C. Bassham Glass by Mary Ann Kelton

This is a history of the Glass family of Lawrence County, Tennessee. It focuses on William Henry "Bill" Glass born 18 May 1858 to William V. and Elizabeth White Glass and his marriage to Amanda C. Bassham. The detailed story of their lives and descendants includes photographs.

Mystery Families and Photographs

Three photographs are shown: 1) A formal photograph of a seated man and possible wife standing next to him; 2) A photo of six older individuals: 2 men and 4 women, possibly brothers and sisters; taken in front of a building that could be a home or church; 3) A photograph of a large group of suited men standing on the wide steps of a building. The building has three large distinct arches. Please contact the Archives to identify.

About Our Front Cover / The Black House by Bobby Alford and Kathy Niedergeses

Kathy Niedergeses edited an article written by Bobby Alford several years ago. The details give an account of the land where the Black House was located in Lawrenceburg. It includes photos, lot diagrams and offers a complete record of the transfers of ownership from the earliest of times to current owners. A list of sources consulted is included. The various owners included: McClendon, Denton, Askew, Lindsey, Voss, Burkitt, Bentley, Hovelmeier, Joiner, Tarpley, Richardson, Black, Sowell, Tidwell, McGee, Myrick, Coffman, Markus, Chiles.

Cedar Hill Cemetery – Part I by Lawrence Niedergeses

This is a list of names and dates from the graves in the Cedar Hill Cemetery. The cemetery can be located by going South on Hwy #43, turning right on the Old Jackson Military Rd. and going to Pleasant Point Church, then turning right on Cedar Hill Rd., the cemetery is about 3 miles at the Baptist Church. The following surnames are found in this listing: Bailey, Barnes, Belew, Bivens, Braden, Bradley, Burch, Busby, Clark, Copeland, Crittendon, Curry, Flatt, Forsyth, Griffin, Hare, Hay, Hill, Hughes, Inmon, Kelley, Kelsey, King. (This listing will continue in the Winder 2011 issue of the Journal.)

Contributed by Susan Beeler Anderson

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