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The Journal of the Lawrence County

(Tennessee) Genealogical Society

Vol. 15 No. 2 Winter 2011

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From the Editor:

Think about attending a society quarterly meeting. We have meetings the third Saturday in March, June and September and the first Saturday in December. The sale of the Crockett book is going well. A few copies of our book, Heritage of Lawrence County, Tennessee are still available.

Lawrence County, Tennessee 1890 Tax List – Part III – Conclusion, Seventh Civil District (continued from Fall 2011) Wallace Palmore

This is a listing of the names, acres, land and property values and various taxes associated with the Seventh Civil District. This information from the 1890 Tax List and include the following names: Rhoner, Reviski, Rippey, Ray, Smith, Stermen, Spears, Staggs, Steel, Kitchens, Spurgeon, Spann, Sykes, Parker, Hagan, Shindler, Stermer, Schneider, Saladine, Stein, Schnob, Starnes, Simms, Patrick, Surratt, Tice, Teffertaller, Taylor, Orr, Vandiver, White, Wilds, Weaver, Whitthorne, Ewing, Childress, Brasier, Tice, Howard, Barnes, Warner, Whitworth, Wayne Co. Land Company, Zilt. (This completes the 1890 Tax List for the Seventh District)

Mystery Families and Photographs

Three photographs needing identification are shown: 1) Man with a mustache wearing a hat sitting in a buggy; 2) Man and young boy sitting in an old car; 3) Man with plow being pulled by a horse (?) and a mule.

Lawrence County, Tennessee 1890 Tax List – Part I, Eighth Civil District Wallace Palmore

This is a listing of the names, acres, land and property values and various taxes associated with the Eighth Civil District. This information from the 1890 Tax List and include the following names: Applegate, Avery, Bird, Busby, Brown, Richter, Bumpass, Barnett, Becham, Bentley, Bate, Bells, Barnes, Burchard, Brown, Bulie, Glack, Berline, Blue, Powell, Meredith, Crescent Mill Property, Meredity, Brink, Burkot, Barger, Brackaven, Buchanan, Blythe, Burns, Bumpass. (To be continued in the Spring 2012 issue of the Journal)

Lawrence County Birth Records 1902 – Part XIII (continued from Fall 2011) Transcribed by Donna Niedergeses Davis, 2004

The birth records were transcribed from the original book of births and deaths in Lawrence County, Tennessee. Information includes names, birthdates, sex, color, where born, father’s name, where father born, occupation, mother’s name, where mother born, physician’s name, date of ??, and page number in book. The following are the surnames of those listed with the additional information: Bivins, Spears, Hollis, Neal, Miller, Jones, Dishonghn, Belew, Johnston, McMackin, Childers, Wiley, Welch, Meyers, McKey, Dotson, Gable, Roberson, Wadkins, Cross, Hill, Peton, Gilbert, Nolen, McKinney, Barnett, Bundrant, Willis, Perry, Casey, H(?), Reynolds, Holden, Williams, Newman, Hentsley, Coker, Austin, Jones, Defoe, Stutts, Looney, Cooper, Allen, Rily, Morton, Urban, Marbut, Peppers, Brown, Mashburn, Truett, Nash, Smith, Ferrell, Burnett, Dover, Ferrell, Williams, Abercrombia, Davis, Hammonds, Jones, Beecham, Hendrix, McConnell, Slaton, Littrell, Almsted, Wilks, Odum. (To Be continued in the Spring 2012 issue of the Journal)

Minutes to the Lawrence County Genealogical Society Board Meeting, Saturday, September 17, 2011 Doyce Shaddix

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson, Lila Gobbell. The minutes were accepted and a Treasurer’s Report was given. Old business: No proceeds from the sale of the Crockett books sold at the David Crockett Park Restaurant have been received. It was agreed that LCGS would receive a portion of the profits. New business: 1) Approved funds for supplies used by Jim; election of officers and approval for keeping the same officers.

Minutes to the Lawrence County Genealogical Society Quarterly Meeting, Saturday, September 17, 2011 Doyce Shaddix

Meeting called to order by President Wallace Palmore. Prior minutes accepted as read and financial report given. Old business: June meeting moved back to the third Saturday of the month; 64 copies of the Heritage of Lawrence County, Tennessee left to sell. New Business: Nomination and acceptance of board members. Program was Dorothy "Dot" Richardson speaking about her husband’s family, the Richardsons.

The Book Nook reviews by Lila Gobbell

The Blythe and Wiley Families, by Josephine Willis Pickard and acknowledgement of a book "Blythe" by Pat Hicks Brigance.

A Cleveland Ancestral Family History in England and America, Descendants of Alexander Cleveland (1687 – 1775) and earlier ancestors in England, Vol. 1- Book 1, first edition, 2009 by author and compiler Evelyn Bell Crouch, Henry L. Crouch, Sr., and Christie Crouch Genola.

The Confederate Army, A Regiment: an analysis of the Forty – eighth Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment 1861 – 1865 by Gerald Allen Kincaid, Jr., Major, U.S.A. 1995.

Cedar Hill Cemetery – Part II – Conclusion Lawrence Niedergeses

This is a list of names and dates from the graves in the Cedar Hill Cemetery. The cemetery can be located by going South on Hwy #43, turning right on the Old Jackson Military Rd. and going to Pleasant Point Church, then turning right on Cedar Hill Rd., the cemetery is about 3 miles at the Baptist Church. The following surnames are found in this listing: Lumpkins, McDow, Munro, Newton, Norwood, Oliver, Pennington, Skidmore, Skillern, Skillian, Smith, South, Springer, Tidwell, Wear, Wilburn, Wright.

Migrations To And From Lawrence County, TN During The 1870s Through Early 1900s – Part V (continued from Fall 2011) Researched and Compiled by Kathy & Lawrence Niedergeses

Names of those who migrated to or from Lawrence County that are mentioned in newspapers from the 1880s, 1890s and early 1900s are provided in this listing. Also included are those visiting from another county or state, those registered in hotels, and former Lawrence Countians subscribing to the local newspaper. The following names are listed with details provided: Johns, Ellison, McDowell, LaCroix, Coop, Sanders, Hull, Bentley, Kollefrath, Haugan, Stremarold, Hove, Olson, Melum, Ellingson, Stoke, Stone, Dwiggins, Talley, Tribolet, Simms, Chenault, Bell, Richardson, Childress, Bently, Muse, Womack, Boynton, Rippy, Moore, Royse, Reed, Pullen, Welch, Springer, Blair, Paisley, Chenault, Powell, McKissack, Bowden, Young, Ryney, Lincoln, Simms, Starnes, Selle, Mathis, Bailey, Dunkle, Dunn, Frost, Neelley, Stockard, Shaffer, Garner, Gallaher, Taylor, Fleeman, Freemon, Crowder, Burch, Chapman, Bailey, Rowe, Adair, Cox, Eslick, Reavis, Roser, Neidert, Riddle, Guynn, Gilmore, Davidson. (To be continued in the Spring 2012 issue of the Journal)

Marshall Simeon "Sim" & Annie Fain Clark McDougal Family, Part I by Doyce Shaddix

This is the story of Marshall Simeon "Sim" McDougal, born May 18, 1853 in Alabama and died September 27, 1916 in Lawrence Co., Tennessee. The biography covers his lineage and his life in Lawrence Co. Photos in the story and on the cover of the Journal show the saloons Sim owned. Many interesting facts were drawn from documents and newspapers of the time. (To be continued in the Spring 2012 issue of the Journal)

Chronology of 1929 Reviewed From D-U Files – Part II - Conclusion / Many Changes Occur During Past Year In This County / Review of 1929 is Interesting / Important Events for Year Mark Growth of this City. By C. T. Crawford, Jr. / Submitted by Kathy Niedergeses

Items taken from the files of the Democrat-Union and compiled into an article by Charlie T. Crawford, Jr. There are many death dates in this material. Names included: Liles, Geldrich, Smith, Hamp, Brown, Barnett, Archer, Blair, Bowers, Hendrix, Perkinson, Johns, Newton, English, Garner, Tingle, Hood, Mallon, Hickman, Sandusky, Pigg, Garrett, Littrell, Smith, Hart, Short, Coffman, Crowder, Marks, Clifton, Newton, Springer, Horton, Freemon, Trammell, Stone, Hendrix, Bruton, Gobble, Harmon, Sprouse, Comer, Aymett, Cook, Hill, Harmon, Davidson, Sinbeck (Simbeck), Perkinson, Hull, Mabry, Belew, Faulkner, Hester, Richardson, Bryant, Keplinger, Tidwell, Fike, Edwards, Gowen, Friend, Foust, Phillips, Howell, Barnett, Grainger, Rose, Clifton, Holland, Sutton, Cobb, McCaleb, Frazier, Ricketts, Moore, Crews, Brown, Skipwith.

My Memories of Waterloo Street in 1958 by Peggy (Alsup) Barger

This is the story of the author’s childhood home, family, friends and community. There is great detail in the description of the environment, her friends, various activities and locations of families and homes she knew. To this she adds her personal feelings about growing up in this community. The story concludes with information taken from the 1958 Lawrenceburg Directory that includes addresses important to the story.

Contributed by Susan Beeler Anderson

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