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The Journal of the Lawrence County

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Vol. 17 No. 3  Spring 2014


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Compiled by Susan Beeler Anderson


From the Editor:


This issue has several different contributors.  Please consider sending your family stories to be published in the Journal.  The Journal is now being printed by a new printer so report any problems you may discover in the Journal.  Please note that if you donate a family history book to the Archives, it will be reviewed in the Journal.  Fifty additional copies of The Heritage of Lawrence County, Tennessee have been obtained and are the last copies to be available for sale.  Contact the society to purchase: e-mail- phone 931-852-4091.   You are encouraged to attend the quarterly meetings.


Queries Kathy Niedergeses


Members may send queries to the Journal.  Only one appears in this issue: Newton/Powell/Roper - searching for a picture of Robert Henry Newton, born 1839 died Nov. 26, 1900.  Contact information given.


LCGS Membership Update compiled by Jim Crowder


New member Clint Alley lists the surnames he is researching.


Lawrence County, Tennessee 1890 Tax List - Part I  Tenth Civil District  Wallace Palmore


The names of those taxpayers in the Tenth Civil District of Lawrence County, Tennessee are listed with the following additional information: acres, land value, total property value, poll tax, state tax, county tax, school tax, RR tax, and highway tax: Auker, Ammerman, Austin, Allen, Alford, Alexander, Anderson, Bell, Blake, Buser, Beckley, Blair, Battles, Bentley, Buchanan, Brum, Bowless, Black, Beard, Burch, Battles, Baker, Blair, Brian, Benton, Bradley, Blair, Beavers, Busby, Ballinger, Bates, Crews, Conner, Carrell, Sims, Clark, Calton, Childress, Carter, Clark, Chambers, Copeland, Chambers, Conner, Caplenken, Clard, Collier, Cunningham, Collier, Crews, Duery, McNeal, Burch, Mareum, Stewart, Patterson, Williams, Floyd, Dickey, Dooley.  (To be continued in the Summer edition of the Journal)


Migrations To and From Lawrence County, TN During The 1870s Through Early 1900s - Part XIV (continued from Winter 2013)  Researched and Compiled by Kathy & Lawrence Niedergeses


This information was found in newspapers from the 1890s and early 1900.  It includes names mentioned as migrating to or from Lawrence County, visitors, names registered in hotels, former residents subscribing to local newspapers. Copies of the actual newspaper pages are available from microfilm from the Archives.  Please contact the Archives if you have migration information about your Lawrence County ancestors.  Surnames: Bentley, Buchanan, Harvey, Springer, Solinski, Isaacs, Starr, Allen, Hughes, Gee, Smith, Linn, Cernell, Wilson, Metcalfe, Bend, Zollicoffer, Baechle, Spikes, Kraft, Craig, Busby, Cheatham, McClain, Hindman, Hukill, McArthur, McKey, Munsing (?), Citle (Cilte?), Parkes, Stockley, Williams, King, White, Neigs, Miller, Norton, Rankin, Meek, Long, Doney, Myers, Board, Besch, Hicks, Sykes, Mess, Deavenport, Burgess, Hagan, Allen, Bond, Sims, Jones, Johnson, Leas, Remster, Crane, Edmiston, McLean, Jacobson, Thomas, Turnbo, Wolfe.  (To be continued in the Summer 2014 issue of the Journal)


Lawrence County Birth Records 1902-1912 - Part XXII (continued from Winter 2013) Transcribed by Donna Niedergeses Davis, 2004


The following surnames are found in the original book of births and deaths in Lawrence County, Tennessee, 1908-1912 by Donna Niedergeses.  Information includes: last name, first name, date of birth, sex, color, where born, physician's name, date of ??, and page number in book.  Surnames: Allen, Franks, Curtis, Estes, Williamson, White, Rhoads, Harwell, Smith, Copeland, Scott, Green, Franks, Hill, Wells, Webster, Morrow, Tipper, Thornton, Bailey, Flippo, Jaco, Crews, Rigsby, Grinnell, Bailey, Busby, Harris, Barnes, Porter, Lumpkins, Wilburn, Hamp, Brumagin, LaCroix, Rhinehart, Brown, Ward, Quinn, Stacy, Smith, Mann, Rigsby, Osborn, Dooly, Rogers, Young, Clayton, McGee, Price, Crews, Tidwell, Clifton, Eells, Tittle, Kilburn, Wallace, Bird, Vandiver, Scott, Lopp, Brasier, Rochell, Moore, Perry, Belew, Nickels, Ray, Bruton, Spann, Tice, Miller, Ogle. (To be continued in the Summer 2014 issue of the Journal)


Mystery Families and Photographs


Four photos needing identification are shown.  The originals are in the Lawrence County Archives.  Contact the Archives if you recognize any of them.


Minutes to Lawrence County Genealogical Society Board Meeting, Saturday, December 14, 2013  Doyce Shaddix


The meeting was held at the Lawrence County Library.  The minutes were read and approved.  The financial report was read and approved.  No old business.  New business included a report concerning the available copies of the Heritage of Lawrence County, Tennessee and the current balance in the book account.  Consideration was given to placing a copy in the Library of Congress but no decision was made.  Jim Crowder presented his proposals concerning the future of the LCGS journal so board members could study them for future discussion.  The meeting was adjourned.


Minutes to Lawrence County Genealogical Society Meeting, Saturday, December 14, 2013  Doyce Shaddix


The meeting was called to order and the minutes of the previous meeting approved.  The financial report was read and approved.  Old business consisted of a report on the 19 available copies of Heritage of Lawrence County, Tennessee books and book account balance.  New business included the following: the first quarterly meeting in 2014 will be held on the 3rd Sat. in March at the Lawrence County Library; a card and gift from the Society was presented to Jim Crowder and Kathy Niedergeses.  The meeting was adjourned.  President Wallace Palmore was the featured speaker.  He shared several stories relating to his family and family history.  Following the program, attendees shared Christmas treats prepared by the ladies of the Society.


Lawrence County Poor Farm by Kathy Niedergeses


A notice that appeared in several local newspapers in 1925 was transcribed:

"Supt. Smith Seeks Home For Five, Superintendent of County Farms Wishes To Find Homes For Worthy Children Now Under His Care."


The Fire Fiend - Part IV Researched and Compiled by Kathy Niedergeses


This is the fourth article in a series that includes information on fires, fire fighting equipment and the men who have protected Lawrenceburg since early times.  Sources include local newspapers, minutes of the City of Lawrenceburg, various community histories, Our Hometown: Lawrenceburg, TN, etc. and are given with each entry.  The author asks the readers to submit any information regarding fires not listed to the Lawrence County Archives.  See the article for details on the location, date, etc. of each fire listed.  The following surnames are mentioned in the article:  Wilson, Bivens, Buerline, McNeal, Beckham, McCrory, Webb, Starnes, Rippy, Garner, Hardy, Dawes, Colvett, Burch, Martin, Garrett, Lindsey, Finney, McDougal, Davidson, Sandusky, Moore, Watkins, Gunselman, Richardson, Smith, Clark, Patton, Clark, Toole, Oehmen. (To be continued in the Summer 2014 issue of the Journal)


About Our Front Cover, My Grandparents' Home in Iron City, Tennessee by James R. Richards


The author shares his memories of his grandparents Raymond O'Dell Burch and Pearl Dee Reynolds who were married in 1910 in Iron City.  Newspaper, census, photos, poetry and names of other family members living nearby are provided as well as personal stories of times spent there.


Mystery Photograph Identified  Jim Crowder

One mystery picture from the Winter 2013 issue of the journal has been identified as Jesse Oliver.  The photo is held at the archives.


The Jones Boston Family By Doyce Shaddix


The author refers to a book titled Estate Papers of Jones Boston by Hollis B. Boston, Jr. and expands to tell the story of the descendants of Jones Boston who was thought to have been born in Maryland around 1780.  The article continues with his descendants Hugh Bunn Boston and William Allen Boston.  Locations include Goose Creek; Smith County; Lauderdale County, Alabama; Republic of Texas, Montgomery Co., Texas; Gonzales Co., Texas; DeWitt, County, Texas; Lawrence Co., Tennessee; Anderson, Alabama; Athens, Alabama.  The book mentioned is available at the Lawrence County Archives.


Yesteryear Advertisements


Ad for H.B. Brink & Co. Building Materials and Supplies, Lawrenceburg, Tenn.


Mary W. Gibbons & Lewis W. Martin  Jim Crowder


Additional information is given for a photo that appeared in the Winter 2013 edition of the journal on page 55 naming Beatrice, Elsie, Alice, Nettie, Lily, John J., Annie, Mary, Lewis, Ann Gibbons Smith.


Mystery Photograph Identified  Jim Crowder


Young women who appeared in a photo in the Winter 2013 issue of the journal were identified as Neva Reeves Littrell, Reba Reeves Davis, Eva Cole, Edna Reeves Johnson and Vestha Reeves.  Also added were birth/death years for some and names of other family members.  Information supplied by Betty Gay Littrell Chaffin.


Yesteryear Insights - It was Told As A True Story


A humorous story published in the Lawrence Democrat newspaper in 1912 relates an incident that occurred in Nashville concerning a local moving picture theatre and a threat made to injure a male moviegoer who may have been there with another man's wife.


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